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Healthy Ecosystems, Healthy Communities, Healthy People

Our Mission:
Devising Innovative Solutions for Healthy Ecosystems and Healthy People

EcoHealth Consulting (EHC) has established itself as a world leader in the field of assessments of the health of urban, rural and natural ecosystems.  We specialize in the development of conceptual and statistical frameworks for assessing the state of the environment, rapid assessments of the health of aquatic, terrestrial and urban ecosystems, and the development and delivery of short courses on the fundamentals of ecosystem health and the relationship of ecosystem health to human health and well-being.

Among EHC’s clients are the World Bank, United Nations Environment Programme, United Nations Development Programme, UNESCO, The National Round Table on Environment and Economy, Department of Fisheries and Oceans (Canada), Environment Canada, The Auditor General’s Office of Canada, US EPA, and research institutes and universities in Canada, Japan, Australia, China, and Vietnam.

EHC’s Founder and Principal:

Dr. David Rapport, is a pioneer in the field of ecosystem health.  He led the development of the widely used statistical system for assessing the state of the environment in relation to human activities.  This system, known as the “Pressure-State-Response” system, underpinned the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment and has been adopted by numerous countries as the foundation for assessing the state of the environment.  He has:

  • Over four decades of worldwide experience in the development of environmental statistical frameworks and applications to a wide variety of ecosystems (urban, rural, and natural)
  • Co-directed and co-authored Canada’s 1st State of the Environment Report (1986)  
  • Co-founded the Institute for Research on Environment and Economy at the University of Ottawa (Canada) (1989)
  • Co-founded the Program in Ecosystem Health at the University of Western Ontario (Canada) (1998)
  • Held Canada’s first Chair in Ecosystem Health, co-funded by Canada’s three Science Councils (Natural Sciences and Engineering, Social Sciences and Humanities, Medical Research) (1994-1997).  
  • Principal Investigator (PI), US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Innovative Research Award: Landscape Values and Assessment (1994-1995).  
  • Co-PI, Tri-Council Eco-Research Grant. Agroecosystem Health: Characterization, Diagnosis, Management (1993-96).  
  • PI, NATO Advanced Research Workshop: Assessing the Health of Large-Scale Ecosystems (1993).  
  •  Elected a Fellow of the Linnean Society of London, and an International Fellow of the Explorers Club (USA).
  • Served on the editorial boards of international peer-reviewed journals, including J. Aquatic Ecosystem Health and Management, Ecosystem Health, EcoHealth, Ecological Economics, Ecological Indicators.